And that’s a wrap!

I’ve been busy wrapping up my final project for my class at ACCD. What? I didn’t tell you I was in class? So for the last 3 months, I’ve been enrolled at the ArtCenter College of Design for graphic design. This quarter was my first class. Getting back into school mode was difficult, but also exciting! My inner nerd-esque qualities busted out on the first day of class – I got to campus an hour earlier, got lost looking for my classroom, sat in the very front row, and a CLASSMATE COPIED MY NOTES! I was a freshman again! And, it felt good.

I decided to only take 1 course to get myself back into student life, especially since I was working full-time as well. It’s important to not take on too many things on your palette! This was a good refresher’s course to get my feet wet again.

Our final project was to create a DVD packet – sleeve and disc layout. I had a major brain fart when coming up with a creative topic – so I ended up doing a How-To tutorial guide to get into ACCD. Don’t judge me and my creativity -_-” 

Now that I got my first class out of the way, I learned a few things and few tips for my next class.

  1. ACCD is a hands-on institution. You have a question, you ask. Otherwise, you will never get your answer. Nobody’s going to follow you and make sure you understand everything. Be independent. A follow-up to the first point. You set your own schedule. At the beginning of session, you know the final project straight-up. Within the course frame, you set your own schedule to see what you have to do to get your project done.
  2. There are resources. Everything is and will be provided for you. Instructors are extremely helpful and willing, if you let them be. Go to their office hours, email them. There are computer labs, printing, and a whole library of resources within reach. USE IT.
  3. Bring snacks. For a 3 hour long class, I get hungry. I can’t sit straight – I can’t listen well if my stomach is going off every 5 seconds. The only thing they have within the vicinity is a soda vending machine, otherwise you’ll have to go all the way to the caf. It’s a small campus, but that’s still far for a 15 minute break. Trust me, you’ll save a lot of time if you head into Old Town and grab a small snack before class starts. And your stomach will thank you too! 
  4. You have to be able to take criticism. Being a graphic Artist is about pleasing your client. They hired you to work for them, to design for them. They’re your boss. I hate having people look at my artwork when I’m not ready, because your art is who you are. Having someone look at makes you feel open and vulnerable. But know that, your instructor is there to help you out.
  5. Last but not least, have fun with your projects! Your projects should define who you are and what you’re passionate for. It’s there to reflect your personality so people who view your portfolio get a glimpse of who you are. Don’t just settle for the minimum and get it over with.

Those were 5 takeaways I gathered from just my first class at ACCD. I’m eager to learn from these 5 tidbits and apply it to my next one. Hopefully this helps you in whatever class you get yourself enrolled into. Feel free to give me feedback/advice down below as well!!

Check out my first project on my B E H A N C E here! xo

A Minimalist Birthday

Hi. This month. No. This WEEK I have been running around scribbling into my planner like a mad (wo)man trying to get some structure into my life. I somehow took on way too many projects, and the excitement and adrenaline to take on these projects started wearing thin. FYI: I’m a starter – the adrenaline I get from starting new projects can energize a whole 3rd world country! 

After that initial week, I started seeing myself losing sleep, getting stressful skin problems, and most importantly, losing communication to the outside world aka my friends. I wouldn’t have even have time to respond to a simple text from my friends! I didn’t even realize my BEST FRIEND’S birthday was the next day, until her boyfriend came into my workplace to ask for my advice and give me a subtle reminder. I instantly felt ashamed, embarrassed, and everything else in between.

As a result, I quickly ran home, turned on my computer, opened up my sketchbook, and tried to map out the most quickest easiest sketch for a birthday card. It works out, because she’s a total minimalist – and she likes all things white. And white just happens to be the easiest thing I can illustrate!

I looked at my planner, and realized I actually had 2 more birthdays coming up the following week. Ergo, I needed something multi-usable, and customizable. 

This is what I came up with. Something easy to illustrate and easy to customize. I’ll save this for a rainy day, for the next time I “forget” – hopefully never again.

Sidenote: this is also gender-neutral too! definitely multi-usable!

Check out my Behance to see the full project listed.

It’s Never Too Late For Christmas


Cleaning out my desktop, I stumbled upon these gift tags I made last year for people. I decided to keep it super minimal, where the focus wasn’t the tag but the actual love note hand-selected and personalized for each person. A gift is one thing, but I feel like the tag or card adds a whole new sentiment to the whole package. I made a couple blank tags as well, if y’all want to save it for this year’s Christmas — or just wait until I make a whole new set.



Here’s a couple blank tags for your Christmas use this year! It’s never too early to start planning, right? They’re formatted at 150 ppi / RGB / 8


Is this Insta – Worthy?

Traveling these days have been about trying to get the most insta-worthy photo out there. In other words,  whichever photo that’s going to get the most likes. Am I right? Trying to choose the right filter is half the battle, and the other half is coming up with a witty caption. I always say, when in doubt, just put an emoji.

This photo was taken before and after our ice skating adventure at the Boston Commons Frog Pond. This little squirrel came up to us, as it smelled my friend’s to-go garlic fries.

4filters-8x10Can’t think of the last time I went iceskating, but as difficult as it was, I had one of the most magical times of my life. If it was actually snowing, that would’ve sealed the deal. Secret: I have never seen snow fall.

Magical during the daytime &…


… & nighttime


don’t hide / un – mask

For those of you who care, I had a blast (like always) in Boston and Rhode Island. It allowed me to realign my passions and get some perspective on my next chapter in life. Besides all the mushy feelings, I had a blast hanging out with some old friends, and making some new friends in one of my favorite cities in the world. The thing I love about traveling is you never know who you’re going to make friends with. alcohol plays a big part in this too (~_^). 

Now that vacation’s over, it’s back to reality – back to work, to-do lists, and unloading photos from my camera. In between all the work, I got to have some fun. So, I decided to play around with a couple masks and filters.

I took this photo of Providence, Rhode Island, after my campus tour at RISD.



Realistic Adjustments.


Unrealistic Adjustments.


What Do I Wear ?!

I’m heading off to Boston/ Rhode Island in two days! I actually just went to Boston back in October, but I felt like my trip wasn’t completed. I left half my heart there, and I had to go back and recollect. Not to mention, I found a sweet deal — $125 RT! Thank you, JetBlue!

Now that the tourist-y stuff is out of the way, I’m excited to experience Boston like a true Bostonian (?). I decided to take a one day trip up to Rhode Island, as I scheduled a campus visit to one of the programs I have been dreaming to attend. Might as well, right?

All this itinerary excitement aside, last time I checked the weather app, it was snowing. What is snow? I actually have never seen snow fall before in my life. I don’t know how cold it is. I don’t know what it feels like. What is snow? Have I mentioned I was born and raised in SoCal?

With all my deep thought-provoking questions, I decided to ask Google how people dress in the snow. Most importantly, I still want to look cute. So, I asked Google how people look cute in the snow.

untitled-1Anybody from the snow Boston/RI that can confirm if these are accurate? I don’t want to overdress, nor do I want to underdress. I don’t have snowboots, so will rainboots suffice? Do people use an umbrella in the snow too? My knowledge of the snow has only been from what I’ve seen in movies. So, any tips and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.