Giving the BAE One More Chance

I ended my August with a surprise weekend trip up to the bay for one of my best’s birthday. There’s something about SF that you have to understand – that is, I hate it. Well, I don’t hate it. More like, I just don’t feel comfortable up there. That is a direct result of my last trip up there.

Here’s a quick Rough Digest’s version of it: We were chased by a homeless lady holding a stick, got lost in Golden Gate Park in the evening, took a wrong left turn up Haight Ashbury, and the bus forgot about us so we hiked up the opposite side of Lombard street by foot. And, that was only the half of it. Suffice to say, I was so glad to be home in my suburban lifestyle.

Because my best wanted to go to SF, I scrounged up every last courage I had and confidently flew up there to spend her birthday in style.

My expectations were already pretty low, but I remained hopeful. I really wanted to fall in love with SF.

My trip began with a rocky start. Our flight got delayed by an hour and a half, which I guess wasn’t so bad. I was still willing to stay optimistic. Within the first 2 days, I lost one of my earrings (on the plane or the lyft?), lost one of my contact lens, and almost got my purse snatched. But, my hope remained higher than ever. I was determined to make the bay become my bae.

I decided to skip all the tourist-y destinations since I did that last time. This time, I had no plans – no expectations. We met up with friends and they took us around. We also trusted our good pal Yelp to lead us around. The only thing on our itinerary was the Pace Gallery in Menlo Park, which was amazing! Similar to the Broad in DtLA, but smaller and more digital art (and technology). Make sure you make your way over to the Kids’ section (TeamLab), because that is dope.

Overall, this trip was on the up & up. Besides all the unfortunates that happen, I’ve met some new friends and reconnected with old friends. I would def chalk this trip up to a success! Thanks to the people who turned it around for me! You know who you are.

Until next time,


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