What Do I Wear ?!

I’m heading off to Boston/ Rhode Island in two days! I actually just went to Boston back in October, but I felt like my trip wasn’t completed. I left half my heart there, and I had to go back and recollect. Not to mention, I found a sweet deal — $125 RT! Thank you, JetBlue!

Now that the tourist-y stuff is out of the way, I’m excited to experience Boston like a true Bostonian (?). I decided to take a one day trip up to Rhode Island, as I scheduled a campus visit to one of the programs I have been dreaming to attend. Might as well, right?

All this itinerary excitement aside, last time I checked the weather app, it was snowing. What is snow? I actually have never seen snow fall before in my life. I don’t know how cold it is. I don’t know what it feels like. What is snow? Have I mentioned I was born and raised in SoCal?

With all my deep thought-provoking questions, I decided to ask Google how people dress in the snow. Most importantly, I still want to look cute. So, I asked Google how people look cute in the snow.

untitled-1Anybody from the snow Boston/RI that can confirm if these are accurate? I don’t want to overdress, nor do I want to underdress. I don’t have snowboots, so will rainboots suffice? Do people use an umbrella in the snow too? My knowledge of the snow has only been from what I’ve seen in movies. So, any tips and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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