Brush It Off

I decided to play around with some brushes, and create some custom brush tips.. for some future projects?

Software used:

Adobe Photoshop

flowers_brush flower-w-stem floral-heart-dothandsnowman



Giving the BAE One More Chance

I ended my August with a surprise weekend trip up to the bay for one of my best’s birthday. There’s something about SF that you have to understand – that is, I hate it. Well, I don’t hate it. More like, I just don’t feel comfortable up there. That is a direct result of my last trip up there.

Here’s a quick Rough Digest’s version of it: We were chased by a homeless lady holding a stick, got lost in Golden Gate Park in the evening, took a wrong left turn up Haight Ashbury, and the bus forgot about us so we hiked up the opposite side of Lombard street by foot. And, that was only the half of it. Suffice to say, I was so glad to be home in my suburban lifestyle.

Because my best wanted to go to SF, I scrounged up every last courage I had and confidently flew up there to spend her birthday in style.

My expectations were already pretty low, but I remained hopeful. I really wanted to fall in love with SF. Continue reading “Giving the BAE One More Chance”

Wanna Be An Ambassadorian?

ambassadorians_bannerOur church is having its annual small group fair, and guess who’s in charge of making the banner. I feel like the church is such a safe atmosphere to exercise one’s creative passion. You know they’ll be right behind you supporting you, rooting for you to succeed. The brothers and sisters that go through life with you will be honest in telling their feedback.

I was instructed to make the banner short and concise, and not too foofy, in a 11×17 format.

To slightly fill up the remaining excess space, I made a small illustration demonstrating the fellowship of our group.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 7.16.23 PM

I used Adobe Illustrator to create the illustration in symbols.

All I have to do now is open up an InDesign page, write in the texts, and drop in the illustration.

I had envisioned the top “Ambassador Church” to be an open lettering, therefore I went with Desdemona. To perfectly capture the young, hip nature of our group, I decided to go with the bubbly Debby. For a classic and traditional vibe, I went with my most-used Orator for the time & place.



A Day in My Life

Working in luxury retail, my schedule is extremely unpredictable. No two weeks are the same. I decided to map out my “usual” 9-5 average day, and this is what it looks like.

Software used:

Adobe Illustrator

joanne's day

I usually set my alarm 2 hours in advance (6 a.m.) because I know I snooze for at least the first hour. After my 5 alarms, I get up and drink a cup of water. Then, I go through my Snapchat stories, Insta-stories, mail, messages, Twitter, and anything else that interests me on my phone. When I finally am able to force myself to get up, I brush my teeth and shower. Choosing an outfit usually takes awhile, especially if I have nothing in my closet (first world problems, right?)! Makeup time! Now that my body and my face has come to life, it’s time to wake my mental state up with some caffeine. Now, let’s drive myself to work, so I can open up shop. As I mentioned, I work at a luxury fashion retail company. I’m not going to reveal where or what, for personal reasons, but that icon is a mini clue. What should I eat for lunch? That’s always everyday’s question. It’s finally 5:00, I am free! What should we eat for dinner? After dinner, my friends and I love to go out and unwind with happy hour. Lately, I’ve been ending the night with some nighttime Rio Olympics. What’s your favorite sport to watch? I always enjoy the Gymnastics, Swimming, and Track & Field. I simultaneously work on my next design project (any ideas?). Contacts out, washing my face, and brushing my teeth to get ready for bed. As I get snuggled in, I take out my journal and reminisce about what I did today and what I learned today.

What do you do in a day?

Ambassador Church Vacation Bible School 2016

This week (7/25-29) is my church’s VBS, and this year I’ve been selected to be in the planning committee. I’ve been placed to be in charge of Registration and checking in each student at the beginning of session.In addition to that, I decided to help in creating the nametags for each child. Most importantly, I had 4 days to complete it.

Software used:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Indesign

I managed to google a CaveQuest template. I, then, softened up the photo and smoothed over the details in Photoshop. After I saved, I dragged it into InDesign to fill out the information for both the kids and the leaders.


For those of you doing a CaveQuest VBS theme, here’s a blank template if y’all like to use it!

For a hip finishing touch, tie some twine over the tag. This new generation of kids will adore it!


I dibble. I dabble.

For those of you who follow me from my previous wp (joannenaomi.wordpress) & blogspot, you’ll know my thoughts are all over the place. There’s no road map for my mind – I just have to stop and listen to my heart. When that doesn’t work out, which it will, I stop what I’m doing and turn to the Lord. For He is the reason.

The Purpose: 

I started this little project for the sole purpose of it being my portfolio for my graduate admission into this graphic design program I’ve been trying to pursue. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally ready to pursue my dream. Ergo, here’s all the projects I’ve been collecting along the way, and all the art I’ve been dabbling with. If you have any advice, recommendation, feedback, comments, please feel free and let me know in the contact form above or the comments section below! .. or drop me a message in any of my social media forums on the side!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!